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IP Plane

A project of the degree course international project engineering.

In the context of the project management seminars in the sixth semester, students will build a two-seater motorised aeroplane, type Vans Aircraft RV-12.

The aim of the taught course is for the students on the degree programme International Project Engineering to experience at first hand the practical work involved in technology projects. The project is carried out just like a professional project management process, according to industrial standards. All the important project roles, such as project leader, project office, quality manager, documentation manager and marketing manager, are represented in the project and the responsibility for them is taken on by students.

The project begins every semester with an application procedure. During the project, the students are responsible for writing professional project reports, milestone reviews, and documentation as well as for risk management. In this way they get hands-on experience of practical project work. The demands on the students include technical knowledge, applied project management and, of course, commitment and enthusiasm. The project is monitored by the Federal Office of Civil Aeronautics to ensure the highest safety standards. Up to the present, the students have always managed to meet these high quality standards.

The aircraft itself will be powered by a 100 HP Rotax-Motor and thus be able to reach a maximum speed of around 210 km/h. Its fuel consumption of about 17l/h will be very low. The aircraft is expected to be ready for its maiden flight in 2016 and will have the identification number D-ERTU (for Reutlingen University).

This is the first aircraft to be built in a regular teaching course in the whole of Germany. Until now, the following sub-goals have been achieved:

  • WS 2012/13: the workshop for building the aircraft was planned, set up and equipped with special tools.
  • SS 2013: completion of the rear body segment and tail unit
  • WS 2013/14: construction of both wings
  • SS2014: plans include the construction of the front body segment with cockpit, as well as the construction of the aircraft trailer to ensure safe transport of the University’s RV-12.

In January, the radio station SWR4 paid a visit to the aircraft constructors.