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Student Testimonials

Samuel Grossnickle, Valparaiso University, USA

As a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering student about to enter my last semester at Valpo, one of Reutlingen's partner universities, I was very fortunate to organize a three-month summer internship in 2018 with the Distributed Power Team of the Reutlingen Research Institute. Working with Prof. Dr.-Ing. Bernd Thomas, who has spent a semester instructing at Valpo during his sabbatical, I helped modify laboratory test stands to facilitate their use in further research on the topic of intelligently controlled distributed power systems. I found this hands-on experience to be very beneficial for my own development as an engineer, and I also enjoyed that my efforts and contributions were highly valued by the team.

Stuart Church, Nelson Mandela University, South Africa

"Hochschule Reutlingen has provided me with an incredible multicultural and engineering experience, which will undoubtably give me a massive advantage going into my future in an international engineering environment. I found the experience of working on modern technology alongside my new german friends deeply enriching, this allowed me to experience engineering from a completely different perspective. Learning German and meeting new friends from the region, gave me an even deeper insight into the German culture and mindset, which in turn helped me define my own perspective of modern engineering in Germany, as well as the rest of the world. The large group of international students makes for a dynamic and culturally rich student life, which is always exciting. Due to the quality of learning, opportunities and student life here, I would whole heartedly recommend Hochschule Reutlingen to any student interested in studying abroad."

Nick Reding, Kettering University, USA

"The educational experience at Reutlingen will serve as a great multicultural experience for my future.  The social aspect of the classroom allowed me to easily meet students from the local area and from locations all over the world.  I was given a unique opportunity be involved in a technical research project along side my classroom lectures.  This allowed me to expand my international experience into the local industry of Germany on a technical level that I never thought possible.  Experiencing this will allow me to better apply myself for my desire for an international career.  I highly recommend anyone take the opportunity to study at Hochschule Reutlingen because it gives you the opportunity grow culturally, technically and professionally.  Because of the school’s large international student population you are guaranteed to make friends from every corner of the world and open up future opportunities that you may have never known existed."

Ouyang Chaohui, Zeyang Yu, Donghua University, China

“The laboratory and classroom equipment at the School of Engineering is state of the art. All lecturers have extensive experience in industry which ensures that everything you learn has a clear practical orientation. The fact that presentations and projects play an important role in most of the lectures helped us a lot to improve our expression skills and to get into touch with German students.

Besides, we really enjoy the international atmosphere at Reutlingen University. It gives us plenty of opportunities to get in touch with people from all over the world and learn about different cultures.”