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In this section you will find various projects, either in progress or completed, within the framework of the RoboCup. Some of them include projects of the "Image Understanding" lecture and the "Interactive mobile robots" elective course.

Here you can find the publications by Professor Dr.rer.nat Matthias Rätsch. 

Our most recent open source programs are shared on


The NAO recognizes persons by their faces.

  • Improvement of the software to recognize multiple persons on one picture at ones.

Here you find a short video.
Here you find a summary.
Here you find the documentation.

  • Using the FaceVACs SDK from Cognitec, faces are learned and can then be used to recognize persons.

Here you find a short video.
Here you find a summary.
Here you find the documentation.


Repair of the Nao - Shoulder and head

Symptoms of old age arise also in robots. In this case, arthritis in the shoulder and mental overloading.

Unfortunatly there is wear and tear in both Naos Kurt and Bert. Shoulder joints cracking and function is threaten to stop working soon. The same happend in the neck gears, and like them, the shoulders should get new replacement parts. These also need to be designed and made from scratch.

While working, the processors in the heads tend to overheat. This should be taken care of by using better cooling fans.

Repair Nao - Neck

Both of our Naos have a broken neck - finally the operation is successful!

By a fall, both Naos have suffered a broken neck. The plastic gears have not withstood the strain. Through the commitment of RT-Lion Sasha Brown several thousand € were saved on repair costs. Now a machined aluminum gear supports the center the mind of Kurt and Bert!

Nao Choreographe and Webots

Becoming acquainted with the graphical programming interface choreographer as well as the simulation environment Webots.

To protect the real Nao robot and to test programs virtually the simulator in the choreographer or the external simulation tool Webots can be used.

Advantages and disadvantages of both options were captured and documented, as well as their application.

Here you find the data package.

Nao SDK & WeBots

Here you find the documentation.