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International Students

Exchange students from partner institutions

Welcome to the School of Engineering!

We offer a broad range of courses taught in English and projects for exchange students from partner universities.

  • If you are interested in a study abroad semester with us, please contact your home university's study abroad coordinator.
  • For anoverview of requirements, dates and application steps for prospective exchange students at Reutlingen University, please take a look at our factsheet (donwload section below)
  • After your application has been accepted, your are eligible to select courses taught in English and projects across all engineering study programmes (see below). You will be guided through all steps from course selection to final exams by your study abroad coordinator.
Courses for exchange students
  • In the download section below you can find a list of engineering courses offered in English. Since not every course will be offered in English each semester, there are seperate lists for winter semester (September - February) and summer semester (March - August).
  • For detailed module descriptions for each course, see the pdf file in the download section.
  • NOTE: The list of courses for each semester is subject to change and will be updated on a regular basis! 
  • Exchange students are generally eligible to participate in courses taught in English across all engineering study programme if they fulfill the pre-requisites for course participation. Please see the module description of each course for required previous knowledge and restrictions.
  • Provided adequate German language proficiency, exchange students are eligible to take part in engineering courses taught in German as well. Click here for detailed information on study programmes and curricula.
Research and Development Projects

Project positions will be available only for a limited number of students and only if a professor agrees to act as project supervisor. Students interested in participating in a project need to

  1. Peruse the research profiles of professors in the School of Engineering (see PDF file in the download section below).
    The following professors offer projects positions on a regular basis:
    Mechatronics: Prof. Rätsch; Prof. Schullerus; Prof. Notholt; Prof. Zenner; Prof. Pouhè
    Energy Systems and Efficiency: Reutlingen Energy Center, Prof. Truckenmüller
    Mechanical Engineering: Prof. Thomas; Prof. Ritter, Prof. Nebeling
    Power Electronics and Microelectronics: Prof. Scheible
  2. Send an updated CV including three preferred research areas/supervisors as well as information on theoretical and practical knowledge in the relevant areas to student mobility coordinator Max Alber ( who will check the availability of projects.
  3. Students will be notified after a supervising professor has been confirmed. Exact project topics will be defined afterwards.

Student Mobility Coordinator

Max Alber
Max Alber

Auslandsaufgaben: Ansprechpartner TEC für RIO

Sprechzeiten/Office Hours:
Mon: 14:00 - 16:00
Di/Tue + Do/Thu: 9:00 - 12:00 / 14:00 - 16:00
Mi/Wed + Fr/Fry: 9:00 - 12:00


Gebäude 4
Raum 4-116

Tel. +49 7121 271-7077

Mail senden »

Max Alber
Max Alber

Alteburgstr. 150
72762 Reutlingen

Gebäude 4 , Raum 4-116

Tel. +49 7121 271-7077

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