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Leaving Reutlingen

Grades / Transcript of Records

You will be able to download your transcript of records approximately two weeks after the final day of the exam period from the University Information Portal (HIP). 

Important Note: We will not send your transcript of records to your home university. Please download your transcript of records, safe it on your computer or in a cloud storage and print it as well. The transcript is valid without a seal or signature from Reutlingen University.
Your Reutlingen University login data will expire approximately two months after the end of the current semester.  Afterwards you will not be able to access your transcript of records any longer! In order to avoid complications, please download your transcript of records in time!


Pre-Departure Checklist

Once the semester or academic year is over, there are several items exchange student must complete before returning home.

  • Evaluation: You will be asked to complete a short, anonomous survey concerning your study abroad experience
  • City De-registration: If you are leaving Germany at the end of the semester you must de-register at the Bürgeramt of the city of Reutlingen. This can be done byfilling in the required form online, print it, sign it and submit it personally in the mayor’s office. For a template including guidelinesfor filling the form, please contact TEC.Incomings@dont-want-spam.Reutlingen-University.DE.
  • Books: please return your books to the Learning Center. Self-service machines for returning books are located in the Learning Centre hallway. If you fail to do so, ´late fees will be incurred.
  • Bank account and contracts: Please do not forget to close your bank acoount and cancel all contracts in time before you leave Germany.