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Courses and projects

Courses for exchange students
  • Course Catalogue: In the download section below you can find a list of engineering courses offered in English. Since not every course will be offered in English each semester, there are seperate lists for winter semester (September - February) and summer semester (March - August).
  • Module Handbook: For detailed module descriptions for each course, see the pdf file in the download section.
  • NOTE: The list of courses for each semester is subject to change and will be updated on a regular basis! 
  • Exchange students are generally eligible to participate in courses taught in English across all engineering study programme if they fulfill the pre-requisites for course participation. Please see the module description of each course for required previous knowledge and restrictions.
  • Provided adequate German language proficiency, exchange students are eligible to take part in engineering courses taught in German as well. Click here for detailed information on study programmes and curricula.
  • Information on course selection and registration
Research and Development Projects

Project positions will be available only for a limited number of students and only if a professor agrees to act as project supervisor. Students interested in participating in a project need to

  1. Peruse the research profiles of professors in the School of Engineering (see PDF file in the download section below).
    The following professors offer projects positions on a regular basis:
    Mechatronics: Prof. Rätsch; Prof. Schullerus; Prof. Notholt; Prof. Zenner; Prof. Pouhè
    Energy Systems and Efficiency: Reutlingen Energy Center, Prof. Truckenmüller
    Mechanical Engineering: Prof. Thomas; Prof. Ritter, Prof. Nebeling
    Power Electronics and Microelectronics: Prof. Scheible
  2. Send an updated CV including three preferred research areas/supervisors as well as information on theoretical and practical knowledge in the relevant areas to student mobility coordinator Max Alber ( who will check the availability of projects.
  3. Students will be notified after a supervising professor has been confirmed. Exact project topics will be defined afterwards.